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How do I migrate a custom indexer from SearchBoost 2.x to SearchBoost 3?

It should be easy to upgrade your custom indexer for SearchBoost 3. We have changed the architecture (we have made it even more customizable) but you just have to implement a different interface (you have to make a content source now). The difference between IndexItem and IndexingJob is that the latter is queued waiting for a scheduled job running every few seconds to grab him. Other than that there are pretty similar. See the documentation: Content Sources

How does SearchBoost ranks results?

Default search scoring algorithm weights results using TF—IDF, term frequencyinverse document frequency.  Term frequency means that high-frequency terms within a document have higher weight than do low-frequency terms.  Inverse document frequency means that terms that occur frequently across many documents in a collection of documents are less likely to be meaningful descriptors of any given document in a corpus and are therefore down-weighted.  This filters out common words. Details about all the factors: