Search Boost add-ons

This page has been moved, please go to for the latest DMX SearchBoost Integration Documentation

DMX extension

If you're using Document Exchange (DMX) module and you need to index DMX content, you have to use the Search Boost DMX extension. Once installed, you have to check in Search Settings page the types of files you need to index corresponding to the ones from DMX (e.g. PDFs, docs, txt) then index the content of the portal.

Please read the DMX add-on documentation.

Live Tabs add on

When you want to index content from Live Tabs, you can use the Search Boost Live Tabs extension. In Search Settings page you just need to check on Portals > My Website > Pages the page which has the Live Tabs on it, then index and search after keywords form the Live Tabs content or modules included in Live Tabs.

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